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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I choose a Professional Organizer?
A: You need to hire a Professional Organizer that you trust. Confidentiality is a major concern for most clients. I have previously worked as a paralegal and understand that client confidentiality is of utmost importance.
Q: Why hire a Certified Professional Organizer®?
A: Certification recognizes those professionals who have met specific minimum standards and have proven through examination and client interaction that they possess the body of knowledge and experience required for the professional organizing industry. The program recognizes and raises industry standards, practices, and ethics. As said by Barry Izsak, CPO®, Arranging It All, NAPO Past President, "By becoming certified, I am demonstrating to the public that I have made a calculated commitment to my career as a professional organizer and have embarked on a course of continuing education to keep abreast of new developments."
Q: How long has your company been in business?
A: I have been in business since 1998.

Q: What services do you provide?
A: I provide the following services:

  • consultation/needs assessments;
  • hands-on organizing in all areas of your home or business;
  • estate organizing;
  • home offices;
  • paper management;
  • filing systems with record retention guidelines;
  • legal offices;
  • time management skills;
  • unpacking/organizing after a move;
  • custom storage solutions.

I also work with people with ADD and the chronically disorganized.

Q: What are your strengths in helping clients get organized?
A: I am a great motivator, very methodical, reliable, patient and make organizing fun!
Q: What is your professional experience before starting your organizing business?
A: My professional experience includes working as a paralegal, in management for a large corporation, teaching business education students, marketing for a small business and part-time organizing projects.
Q. Are you a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)?
A: Yes, I am a member of NAPO on the national level and also a member of our local chapter (NAPO-SD).
Q: Do your clients work with you or do you organize them without their being present?
A: I work three different ways: 1) my clients are present on the entire project; 2) my clients work with me as their time permits; 3) my clients are not present, except for decisions only they can make.
Q: How long will it take to get organized?
A: Each project is unique. I will have a better idea on time after our consultation/needs assessment. According to Julie Morgenstern, "Organizing from the Inside Out", most rooms in the home take an average of one to two days to complete. The average one-person office takes two to three days.
Q: How much will it cost to get me organized?
A: Each project will cost a different amount. My fees are charged at an hourly rate with different rates for various services. Plan to pay for organizing services at the end of each day's appointment.
Q: Will you make me throw away all my papers and things?
A: I will ask you questions and make suggestions to help you decide what is or isn't important. You will make the final decision on whether to keep a particular item.
Q: What supplies should I buy before we meet?
A: I will recommend products that will work on your particular project. Either you can purchase the products yourself, or I will shop for you for a fee.
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