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"Taming the paper monster is not easy. For my darling ADHD husband it was impossible. Grandprey Consulting to the rescue! Jan is patient, kind, nonjudgmental and REALLY good at helping a disorganized person find order. Every few months she comes over and helps my guy clean off the top of his desk. Over time, she has taught him what to keep, what to toss and how to arrange his stuff so he can locate what he needs, when he needs it.

I'm pretty organized, but during a recent remodel and move Jan helped me to go through cabinets and closets. She was great! I felt overwhelmed, but with her help I was able to throw away years of clutter.

Jan is an expert in helping people de-clutter and find a more orderly way to live. She is respectful, tactful and very efficient.

Living without clutter and "too much stuff" is so nice. I highly recommend Grandprey Consulting!"

- S.U., San Diego


"Hiring Jan Grandprey is one of the best decisions I've ever made. A work injury in 1998 left me with 10 years of clutter and papers. I was overwhelmed and left stuck. We worked on Saturdays, to complete all the organizing I needed, including closets, my car, everything. This carried over to my desk at work and my files. I worked alongside Jan as my injury permitted, more so in the last year when I hired her again to declutter my kitchen counters and organize my files. I like to call her to tell her so many positive changes have occurred, "it's all your fault!" I now lead a clutter free life in my house."

- J.B., San Diego

"My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly. I was grief stricken and overwhelmed with all that needed to be done. I didn't know where to begin. There were mounds of paperwork and numerous decisions that had to be made. That is when I made a life-saving decision to become one of Jan's clients.

Jan has organized my home office as well as helping me organize my life. She is always caring, sensitive to my needs, and never judgmental. In addition, Jan always makes me feel proud of the progress we've made.

Jan is always cognizant about the best way to organize to suit my individual personality and needs. She understands the unique difficulties of re-organizing after losing a spouse. She has encouraged me to keep things around that make me happy. That was a wonderful piece of advice. Often we keep everything of the one we lost even though they make us incredibly sad and keep us from moving forward.

Jan has helped me to prioritize according to my needs. I'm excited to see my home transforming into a clutter free, organized home. A home that allows my taste and personality to shine through."

- P.P., San Diego

"Quality professional organizing of home office. Experienced professional with high-level skills to organize any size office. Also will organize your home and garage. Professional, reliable, and absolutely trustworthy."

- E.M., San Diego


"This was a life-changing event for me, something I have been trying to accomplish for years but could never have done without Jan! Why did I wait so long? In only a few sessions, my house became completely livable (my garage too! I want to live there!) Jan's enthusiasm and professionalism are outstanding. I'm so glad I found her!"

- L.R., San Diego


"Jan Grandprey is a miracle person. She came into a frightful mess and put everything in perfect order PRONTO. She's super pleasant, super professional, super trustworthy and super good at what she does. She saved us YEARS of WORK, and thousands of dollars in lost time and revenue. WORTH EVERY PENNY, and MORE."

- C.J., San Diego

"Jan is able to sift through huge mountains of clutter. At the same time, I am free to come and go to do various errands. Jan finds a way to keep busy even if I am not available to answer questions. When a consultant works for you on an hourly basis, it is good to know they are highly productive. Since I work with a number of consultants, the good pace is one reason I value Grandprey Consulting."

- C.B., La Jolla

"Jan is very patient, respectful, kind, and caring. She is a pleasure to work with and have in your home. She is a great motivator and is someone that I would like to emulate. I would recommend Jan for any project and hope to have her back soon to begin new projects."

- C.W., Del Mar

"I have been working with Jan Grandprey on and off since I moved into my home in 2000. Whenever I have a project I want to accomplish, I call Jan and wouldn't think of anyone else. It's wonderful to know that there is someone I can rely on and trust with my home organizing needs. She is a pleasure to work with!"

- L.C., San Diego


"Thanks again for helping me move past my old patterns of clutter and freeing up my physical -- as well as mental -- space!"

- M.S., El Cajon


"Jan is a great motivator to keep me organizing even after she's gone. Jan is great at not only tackling any task, but completing it."

- L.D., San Diego


"Jan has turned our home office into a well organized working area. We are always able to find what we need because she logically organized things where we can easily find them."

- B.L., San Diego



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