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"Jan is a great
motivator to keep
me organizing even
after she's gone. Jan is
great at not only
tackling any task, but completing it."

L.D., San Diego



Home Offices

Can you imagine a home office where you can actually get work done? Do you have projects you have been wanting to work on, but don't have the space to even start? We will help you create a customized home office that will make you more productive and effective in your work. There is no one system or product that works for everyone.

We start by analyzing your space, priorities, goals, work style, and habits. What is working? What is not working? After asking some of these questions and listening carefully to your answers, we create systems that work specifically for your needs. We'll set up systems to handle routine tasks so nothing falls through the cracks.

We do the hands-on work in your home office, whether working side by side with you or independently. We clear the clutter, re-organize files, develop systems, determine the best products, and discuss some time management tips to help you in your new home office.

Two areas of major importance when organizing a home office are the creation of a filing system to meet individual needs, and a paper management system. Dealing with piles of papers is one of our strengths when organizing a home office. We'll quickly clear out and organize old papers and information. Then we will create a filing system tailored specifically to your needs to help you store and retrieve the information that is filed.

Some of the other services we provide include: organizing business offices; year-end file archiving; organization of storage areas; and a maintenance plan for maintaining systems on an as-needed basis.

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