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"Such a pleasure to sit back, turn one's
mind off, and know one is dealing with
total reliability and competence."

P.W., Manhattan


Home, Business, and Estate Organizing

Welcome to Grandprey Consulting and Jan Grandprey, CPO®, Certified Professional Organizer.

Do you feel anxious when you walk in your front door?

Are you overwhelmed by all the piles on your desk?

Are you frustrated because you don't have time for fun?

•  We will help you focus on your priorities.
•  We will help you gain control of your life by being organized.
•  We will help you gain more time in your day by not having to search for items in your home or business.
•  We will help you stop losing money by not buying duplicate items, creating shopping lists, etc.
•  We will help you improve your business image by being organized.
•  With our help, you can live simply in your current environment.
Organizing services we provide:
•  Estate Organization
•  Home Office/Business Office Organization
•  Paper Management/Filing Systems
•  Time Management
•  Residential Organization
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