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"Such a pleasure to sit back, turn one's
mind off, and know one is dealing with
total reliability and competence."

P.W., Manhattan


Estate, Home Office, and Paper Organizing

Welcome to Grandprey Consulting and Jan Grandprey, CPO®, Certified Professional Organizer.

Are you OVERWHELMED in any of the following categories?

•  Estate Administration — I help settle estates because of the people, whether in person or through their belongings.
•  Estate Organization —It is important that your affairs are planned ahead. Don’t leave your family with a mess.
•  Home Offices/Paperwork — We love paper management. Learn what needs to be kept and what can go.
•  Personal Belongings — Everyone has too many. Learn to downsize with me.
•  Your Schedule — Learn to prioritize and just say “no”.
We love new challenging projects!
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